Using Twitter in tax practice

David Garde presented to the Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand Tax Discussion Group No. 15 on “Using Twitter in tax practice” on 7 June 2016.

During and following the presentation David was asked how to get started on Twitter and are there Twitter users he can suggest for a new Twitter user in the tax space:

Getting started on Twitter

The 8 minute youtube video How to Use Twitter on Your iPhone, for Seniors is a helpful getting started step by step guide.

Twitter can also be easily set up from the Twitter website or even by selecting:

  1. the twitter  icons at this site to follow @TheTaxObjection;
  2. the similar icon/link at other sites; or
  3. any of the below links to Twitter users.

If you have not joined Twitter then you will be prompted/taken to join Twitter before you can the follow the Twitter user you try to follow.

Microblogging about tax

As mentioned in the presentation there is a huge amount of information microblogged on tax with an emphasis on tax comments on what Twitter users find interesting and worth tweeting about.

It is probably better to follow the feed of interesting users/conversations for a while before posting/making tweets until you are comfortable with the Twitter platform. Lots of Twitter users don’t post tweets at all and so just use Twitter as an information service in quiet moments conveniently on their phone. It’s easy to follow users, and to unfollow them if you don’t want to see them in your Twitter feed (timeline) any more.

Some users to follow who tweet about tax

Views about what is interesting are personal and vary with the type of tax work you do. Some Twitter users tax practitioners could follow are:

Australian tax

The TaxObjection – @TheTaxObjection  (of course!)

ATO – @ato_gov_au

taxchat (Diana Winfield, CCH) – @taxchat

GreenwoodsTax – @GreenwoodsTax

EY Tax – @EY_Tax

International tax

OECD tax – @OECDtax

Jesse Drucker (Bloomberg) – @JesseDrucker

Tax Justice Network – @taxjusticenet

Nick Shaxson – @nickshaxson

Richard Brooks – @rbrooks45


Michael West (former SMH) – @MichaelWestBiz

Michael Pascoe (SMH & The Age) – @MichaelPascoe01


and, of course,

CharteredAcctsANZ – @Chartered_Accts

Following conversations

and you can join conversations too like




Once set up why not tweet “#TDGNo15 I am on Twitter” so we can see it on the #TDGNo15 conversation?

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