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About The Tax Objection

The Tax Objection is an Australian legal practice with a niche in tax and related law. We do our own technology and administration to keep our fees as affordable as we can: see the Lawyers Weekly story about our style of law firm: Micro-practice: A leaner way to be a lawyer.

About our clients

More often than not our clients are accountants and other professionals who seek our services for their clients. Where we can perform work for a client’s client we are used to scoping the work and estimating our fees mindful of our indirect client relationship and who is instructing us. We work for clients with issues concerning taxes in all states and territories of Australia including in international contexts.

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About David Garde

David Garde B.Ec LL.B (Monash) has been a lawyer for 35 years in in Victoria and New South Wales giving tax advice, writing about tax, progressing tax disputes and commercial dealings and producing quality legal documents .

Dataxspecvid is an accredited specialist lawyer in taxation law in New South Wales. He was the chairman of the taxation law specialisation task force when tax law accreditation commenced in Victoria in 1999.

David has published on tax, trusts and self managed superannuation fund issues encountered in practice that have appeared in publications such as the Australian Tax Review (Law Book Co.), Australian Accountant (CPA Australia), Taxation in Australia (Red Edition) and SMSF Magazine (Morningstar). David is an accomplished presenter to accountants and businesses.

The Tax Objection offers David Garde’s legal and technology skills. This site is an example of the quality of work we can do. David has originated uptake of software by law firms throughout his career.

Involvements and connections

Law Society of NSW - Specialist Accreditation
Information Exchange - Australia's #1 Regulatory GatewayExpert Tax Advisory Panel
Expert Superannuation Advisory Panel
tax justice network


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